Stop Calling Egypt’s Opposition “Islamists”!

e25_76498005photo by Mosa’ab ElShamy

Why do manyof us still refer to the political opposition and protesters in Egypt as “Islamist”? We use the word regularly, and initially, it made some sort of sense. The military regime, under the pretense of alliance with the National Salvation Front (remember THAT…?) portrayed itself as being Civilian and Secular friendly, and understandably, after a year of religious fascism, people were relieved, as were many Copts.

However, time has shown otherwise; the regime has shown absolutely no tolerance for any secularism or diversity in any way shape or form. Sisi’s regime arrests atheists, and in fact, his police force forms special squads to ‘hunt down’ atheists online, homosexuals are under constant threat and if you happen to be a homosexual human rights advocate, for instance, you are easy prey to a brutal regime, since they need not bother with the whole ‘human right’s issue, and can simply arrest you for ‘being gay’ and nobody will ask about you, because hey, you’re gay…

Other than that, Christians are regularly abused both by fundamentalist ‘citizens’ and by a police force that regards them all as second class citizens, as best. None of this should come as a surprise, since Defense Minister Sisi made it clear that he considered national  ‘Morality, Values, and Principles’ to be the responsibilities of the President. So naturally, people went ahead and elected him. In return, we now have a regime that is every bit as fundamentalist, every bit of “Islamist” (although I’d happily also argue that’s a misnomer..) – as the so-called Muslim Brotherhood claim to be.

Even were we to believe that every Anti-Sisi protest is composed of MB’s – that would STILL make then no more “Islamist” than the regime they oppose. This is a fight over power, and it is political, religion plays no part. The fact is the regime, from a religious standpoint, is just as idiotic/fascist as the MB’s are, and whether they truly believe that this is what God desires, or whether they are ramping up their “Islamism” in an attempt to prove that they are against the Muslim Brotherhood, but not against “Islam”, the result is the same. Basic cognitive integrity demands that we stop using the word “Islamists” for those who do not like Sisi (NO MATTER what group they belong to..) and instead use (since we must..?) labels like “Anti-Regime” or “Pro-Morsi”, etc.


A Bomber Called Mariam


They are taken with the woman in her pilot costume, they see her wearing her helmet, in their heads, they consider her as part of an ‘oppressed’ group, which is to say, Arab women, and they imagine her, flying in the air, as good a pilot as Maverick in Top Gun, and they imagine her dropping bombs on an aggressive crowd of (in their imaginations) undoubtedly bearded men.

There’s nothing progressive about bombs.

Bombs explode. They make a mess. When they go off, they very rarely damage only the intended victim. A bomb is the most primitive way to kill somebody. More often than not, it kills collectively, which is to say – unselectively. Unlike a sniper’s reticule – it doesn’t see faces. A bomb kills indiscriminately. A bomb does not know if the head that it’s ripping off belongs to a terrorist, a freedom fighter, a doctor, a nurse, a woman, or a child. It, there is no other way to say this – explodes – and as it does so, it randomly distributes murder.

Air strikes are even worse. You never even see the faces of the people you’re subjecting to your bombs, you can bomb them from a safe distance away, up in the sky. You can bomb from a height at which the people you’re hoping to tear limb from limb, are barely, at most, specks on the ground. It is cold, brutal, senseless murder.

When the United States decided to bomb Afghanistan, and then Iraq – most of the world, especially the people of the world, said it was a bad idea. Governments declined to get on board, and people across the globe demonstrated against the invasion of Iraq. People understood that you cannot ‘liberate’ Iraq by bombing it, just as they understood that you cannot ‘liberate’ women in Afghanistan by bombing them.

People in the Middle-East were enraged by what they regarded as unilateral collective aggression by the USA pretending to be acting on behalf of a coalition when, in reality, it was a mob – led by George Bush, cheered on by Tony Blair, and called a ‘coalition’ because a handful of other countries decided to rubber stamp the invasion. Nobody was fooled, but the strikes went on, and today – it’s doubtful that anybody of sane mind would claim that Iraq or Afghanistan are better off…

None of these rules seem to apply if the bombing is being done by an Arab Woman.

I’ve seen the news about her, and I’ve read as little of it as possible, because the headlines themselves strike me as barbaric. We are told how a ‘bad-ass’ Arab woman is leading some of the air strikes…

Let’s stop right there.

There’s nothing ‘bad-ass’ about dropping bombs on people. If some of the people you’re doubtlessly going to murder with your air-strikes are, indeed, terrorists, then they should be captured and tried accordingly, if found guilty, they should be judged accordingly. This is something that almost everybody with the slightest concern, or pretense of concern, for human rights, understands.

And yet, they are gleefully sharing news items in praise of this bomber who happens to be a woman, and the ‘angle’ is always the same – as though there was ‘poetic justice’ of some sort in the very notion that the murderer of these possible terrorists (who we are, it seems, supposed to assume are all men) is a woman, an Arab woman.

How have seemingly sensible, supposedly intelligent people, been led down this hole?

Some women seem to idolize her (and yes, if you’ve changed your profile picture to the picture of the bomber then you are idolizing her…) – out of some sense of empowerment. It’s a strange distortion of feminism that somehow takes pride in the idea that women are equally good at murder.

The fact that some of these people are, ostensibly, against murder, doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Are feminists in the Middle-East also looking for the first ‘female’ dictator? Do they anxiously await the rush of pride from discovering the Arab world’s first ‘female’ serial rapist?

It is an insult to feminism that you are impressed that a woman can fly a plane, and it is an insult to women to imagine that a woman who murders collectively is a symbol of ‘empowerment’…

It is no strike for feminism for women to adopt the same weapons of mass murder that women have historically attributed to a surplus of testosterone in men. It is no bonus for feminism for a woman to wear a costume that you have historically associated with men. The men of ISIS are, almost certainly, of the oppressive sort, but they are certainly not responsible for any oppression that the women of the United Arab Emirates (from which this female murderer hails) have suffered. If you want to bomb her oppressors, you should chase after the oil-rich ruling families of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, and all the others…on whose behalf, and at whose behest, she is bombing others.

Finally, the people she is murdering are not exclusively bearded men, are not exclusively terrorists, and are not exclusively or collectively – guilty.

It’s a strange Middle-East…If an American or European pilots bombs Arab countries, they are seen as racist murderers, but when an Arab woman does it, it’s feminism.


Starving for Justice


When we speak of the imprisoned protesters in Egypt, many of whom are now, and have been, on a hunger strike, many of us think of the physical pain itself; how hungry you get in the first few days, what you feel as your body starts adapting to the lack of food, and if it’s a complete hunger strike, the body’s slow trip towards finality.

The physical pain is indeed, horrific, and, depending on how you strike, can be fatal, but, believe it or not – it is not the main issue – the human body, in the final analysis, adapts, and the end of this particular ‘adaptation’ is often death.

The real issue here is the mental, intellectual, and spiritual anguish one must feel in order to resort to turning his own body into a megaphone by which he or she hopes to reach society…

It is the anguish of a prisoner, who knows that he is unjustly imprisoned (because a guilty man, a murderer, for instance, does not think of trying to earn your sympathy by starving himself) – and has chosen to use his body to deliver a final message to his society – “You have become beasts” – in the hope, and surely it is a very weak hope, that some of us will listen to this message and feel the stirrings of their conscience, or that enough of us will hear the message and decide to do something.

Going on a hunger strike is surely a desperate measure, because (if the society lacks conscience) it is suicidal – that much is clear. One, then, should ask – what leads a man or a woman to this degree of desperation? What are the differences between the hunger strikers and yourself?

He must feel that he has been betrayed by the security apparatus.

Do you feel trust towards the police?

She must feel that the Egyptian Judiciary has betrayed her, or at the very least, has let her down.

What about you? Do you trust the judiciary?

He must feel that the larger circle of ‘revolutionaries’, those millions who show up sometimes, but who are now nowhere to be seen, have abandoned him. Surely when he’s angry, he feels that they have, in fact, betrayed him.

Do you trust those revolutionaries?

She must feel that the government has betrayed her, that the Ministry of Justice has betrayed her, that here, in her country, the law and the constitution have become a joke.

Do you feel that there is justice in your land?

He must feel that he’s been betrayed by the media, who hosted him on their shows when his star shone bright, and who are now ignoring him while he is behind bars.

Do you feel that the media has been fair?

She must feel that she has been betrayed by her country….

How do you feel?


جعان عدالة


لما بنتكلم عن المساحين المضربين عن الطعام – في مننا اللي بيفكر في المعاناة الجسدية في حد ذاتها. بتجوع قد ايه اول كام يوم، بتحس بأيه لما جسمك بيبتدي يتأقلم. لو إضراب كامل – يبدأ الجسد مسيرته البطئة الى الزوال. المعاناة الجسدية ممكن تكون هائلة و مميته – إنما مش هي جوهر الموضوع. الجسد أخره جسد. بيتأقلم و في الأخر بيموت. المعاناة الفكرية و الذهنية و الروحية اللي توصل بني أدم لانه يقرر يستخدم جسده كصرخة الى المجتمع – هي المأساة الحقيقية. هي مسجون، يعلم انه مظلوم (لأن القاتل، مثلاً – لن يحاول ان يكسب تعاطف الناس عن طريق التجويع) – و يستخدم جسده لتوصيل رسالة واحدة لمجتمعه – “لقد أصبحتم وحوش”. على أمل – و هو بالتأكيد أمل ضعيف للغاية – ان بعضنا سيستمع لهذه الرسالة و يتعقل، او ان عدد كاف مننا سيستمع ويقرر ان يفعل شئ. الإضراب عن الطعام وسيلة يائسة – لانها (إن غاب الضمير العام) – إنتحارية. و لكن ماقد اوصل احد لهذه الدرجة من اليأس؟ ما هي الإختلافات بينك، و بينه؟

انه أكيد يشعر ان الجهاز الأمني قد خانه، و لا يثق فيه – فهل تثق انت في الجهاز الأمني؟ الشرطة و الداخلية؟

انها أكيد تشعر ان القضاء المصري، شامخ كان، ام لا – قد خانها او على الأقل – خذلها – فهل تثق انت في القضاء؟

انه – بالتأكيد قد يشعر ان الدائرة الأكبر من الثوار قد خذلوه – و تركوه خلف القضبان – وعندما يغضب – انهم قد خانوه – فهل تثق انت في الثوار؟

انها – بالتأكيد تشعر ان الحكومة قد خذلتها – ان وزارة العدل قد خانتها – ان القانون – و الدستور – أصبحوا في أرضها نكتة. فهل تشعل انت انك في دولة العدالة؟

انه بالتاكيد يشعر بخيانة الإعلام – الذي إستضافه عندما سطع والأن لا يبالي به و هو خلف القضبان، و لا يعرض قضيته – فهل تشعر انت ان الإعلام ينصفك؟

انها بالتاكيد تشعر ان الوطن نفسه قد خانها…


فكيف تشعر انت…؟


مصر: المرشح الأول لجائزة داروين الجماعية


لمن قد لا يعلم – جائرة داروين – او جوائز داروين – هي جوائز ساخرة تُعطى رمزيا لهولاء الذين “يساهمون” طوعياً في الإنتقاء الطبيعي – بسبب أفعال بالغة الغباء. فمثلاً – تجد في هذا الفيديو بعض الأمثلة -

المهم في الموضوع – هو ان جوائز الداروين – بإختصار – تُقترح على هولاء الذين يساعدوا الطبيعة في التخلص من ذاتهم….

يبدوا للكثير مننا ان مصر الان تتنافس للحصول على جائرة داروين العظمى – اليكم بعض الأمثلة -

أولاً – تظهر “إعلامية” على برنامج معتز دمرداش وتقول له بكل ثقة ان الفوائد المالية المُستحقة لمالكي شهادات مشروع قناة السويس – ستوفر عن طريق بيع “المواد الخام” التي ستنتج عن أعمال الحفر في القناة – وأن قيمة هذه المواد الخام ستكون حوالي مئتان مليار جنيه. طبعاً من يسمع ذلك (إذا صدق مثل هذه الأكاذيب التافهة) قد يتصور ان مصر لا تحتاج للسياحة ولا تحتاج لبيع البترول وكانت لا تختاج لبيع الغاز الطبيعي بل لا تحتاج عجلة الإنتاج من أصله بل يكفينا ان نسلح كل مصري بجاروف و نلقيه في الصحراء لكي “يحفر لمصر” مليارات الجنيهات. وبالأصح – فلماذا نحتاج قناة السويس (او توسيعها) في الأصل!؟!؟ لان (على ما يبدوا) الحفر هو أكثر الأعمال ربحاً فيكي يا مصر. أعتقد اننا نستطيع بكل سهولة ان نرشح هذه “الإعلامية” و كل من إستضافها وجلس بجوارها ولم يتسأئل عن هرائاتها – لجائزة داروين.

المصيبة ليست في إيمان الصاوي وغباء قولها – بل ان فوزها بهذه الجائزة ليس فوزاً إنفرادي – بل يرشح ايضا كل من يصدق مثل هذه التفاهات….

ثانياً – يظهر المتحدث الرسمي لوزارة التربية و التعليم ليقول لنا ان اول اسبوعين في الدراسة لن يشملوا دراسة اي “مواد او مناهج” – بل سيكرسوا للنشاطات – وسيكونان بمثابة “كرنفال” لخلق علاقة “حب” بين الطلاب ومدارسهم. قد نتفهم ذلك ان كان هناك وقت زائد للطلاب في المدارس – ولكننا في مصر، و قد تأجلت الدراسة عدة مرات على مر السنوات الماضية، ومستوى التعليم في مصر (حتى قبل هذه التأجيلات) هابط. بل دعوني أقول هابط للغاية – بل دعوني أذكركم ان مستوى مصر التعليمي هو الأسفل في ترتيب دول العالم. ليس “من الدول السفلى” – بل مصر تحتل المركز الأسفل حرفياً. فكيف يكون تعليمك هو بالفعل الأسوء في العالم كله – و تقرر، كما قال الأستاذ هاني كمال (الله يزيده علم…) اننا (على حد قوله) “لن نجعل الطالب يتحمل عبء المذاكرة قبل العيد، بل أن أول أسبوعين في الدراسة ستكون أنشطة فقط، لنعطي فرصة للطلاب لحب المدرسة، ولن يكون هناك مواد دراسية، بل كرنفال على مستوى الجمهورية في الأنشطة”.

أعتقد اننا نستطيع بكل بساطة ان نرشحه هو أيضاً لجائزة داروين. بكل سهولة. المصيبة طبعاً انه قد رشح معه كل الطلاب الذين كان المفروض ان يساهم في تعليمهم….

فكل مرشح من هولاء يجر وراءه المئات او الملايين من الضحايا “الفائزين” بجائزة داروين…

ثم هناك طبعاً – وبلا شك – خلفية لكل هولاء المرشحين – فان طفرتنا في الترشح لجائزة داروين لم تبدأ بهولاء – وقد لا نجد بدايتها مهما بحثنا – لكن بالتأكيد نستطيع ان نقول ان المرشح المصري الأكثر شهرة الأن (رغم محاولات النظام لجعله منسياً في الماضي) هو “اللواء” عبد العاطي – الذي وصل الي جائزة داروين عن طريق الكفتة – ومرة اخرى نستطيع ان نقول انه لم يصل وحدة – بل ان كرم غبائه قد ورط معه مرشحين أخرين – مثل القوات المسلحة – المشير عبد الفتاح السيسي، الرئيس السابق عدلي منصور، و كل من قدم هذا النصاب للشعب المصري على انه سيعالج أمراض يعاني منها ملايين المصريين. وطبعاً – ضحايا عبد العاطي – او بمعنى أصح – ضحايا القوات المسلحة في هذا الترشيح بالذات لا تقف عندهم – بل تشمل كل من صدقوا عبد العاطي من مشجعي السيسي وكل من هاجم بعدوان شديد كل من إنتقد جهاز الكفتة. فلابد ان نذكر مثلاً – أمثال “الدكتورة” نائلة عمارة – التي دافعت عن الكفتة بضراوة و قالت اننا يجب ان نمنع “العلاج” عن كل من شكك في الكفتة، و عن عائلاتهم وعن أصدقائهم وعن كل “من تشدد لهم”. اليوم – تقف “الدكتورة” في الصفوف الاولى لمرشحي جائزة داروين….

و تستمر مصر في العطاء – فعندك كل من صدق ان وزير الدفاع سيكون رئيس “مدني”، و كل من ينشغل بالأمل تجاه مشروع قناة السويس “المفاجئ” ولا يتسائل عما حدث في مشروع الدلتا الموازي التي تكلم عنه السيسي أثناء الإنتخابات، وعندك كل من يتوقع انك تستطيع ان تحصل على إستقرار في غياب تام للعدالة وفي حين ان أغلب الشعب المصري قد فقد ثقته في القضاء….

الأمثلة للأسف لا حصر لها – ونحن حتماً – بهذا الشكل – سنفوز بجائزة داروين العظمى….

Sep 2014

SeptiC (Politics)


Another Article Removed by Times of Israel

Earlier today. I saw an article on the Times of Israel titled “Does This War Make Me Look Fat?” – I posted it on Facebook, but then it was removed. This is the second time this week that The Times of Israel has published and then deleted articles that clearly reveal just how insane and callous Zionism can be – the first was an article explicitly called “When Genocide is Permissable”. In any case, for those who are interested – I managed to copy the article in full before it was removed :

First – a screenshot -

And now – the actual text – in full -


Try as may, I cannot stop rockets with M&M’s. Hershey’s syrup doesn’t stop the sound of booms, Cocoa Pebbles don’t stop sirens, and chocolate, glory be thy name, doesn’t stop war. I have tried in earnest to employ all of these methods and alas, Operation Tzuk Eitan is still in full swing. My name is Rachel and I am a chocoholic.

I have lost nearly 30 pounds since making aliyah and have a significant amount more to go. Despite a love of exercise and vegetables, I find myself eating not to alleviate hunger, but to satiate the worry, the fear, and the reality that we are in. Though I live in Beit Shemesh, an area not nearly as badly hit as those in the south and Gaza belt, the sound of that dreaded siren means the same thing no matter where you live; there’s a missile aimed at us, shot by people who want us dead. Even one of those is enough to make you freak out. Dare I add, even one those is enough to make the people who love you who don’t live in Israel, freak out, too.

When the war started weeks ago, though I’m having a hard time remembering what it was like pre- war at this rate, I found myself “war shopping.” In the States, when a heavy snow storm was predicted, grocery stores would fill with people shopping like the famine was coming. Shovels, rock salt, milk, water, and bread would fly off the shelves like there was literally no tomorrow. I was one of those people who admittedly blurred the lines between practicality and OH MY GOSH WE’RE NEVER GONNA EAT AGAIN! It had nothing to do with the starving children in another country, but the mere possibility that we’d run low on coffee before the snow had melted. Honestly, I can’t really tell you what I accomplished by war shopping other than to feed my increasing anxiety about living through it. I assure you that our grocery stores have not shut down, no one has starved, and we, thank G-D, still have plenty to eat.

Food has traditionally been a source of comfort for me. I am a child of a Depression baby and as such, grew up with food that I was certain grew from our kitchen table. We always teased my mother, may she rest in peace, about her seeming ability to feed the entire third world with the food in her freezer alone. She shopped for the people in the house, who might come to the house, and people who drove past the house. I grew up with food as a source of goodness and love, so I guess it makes sense that I’d use it now to try and make things better. It doesn’t.

It is comforting to know that I am not fighting this Battle of the Bulge alone. In a recent and very unscientific Facebook survey a friend polled her community by asking, “Eating more or eating less because of the “situation”?”

The answers varied, but most came to the conclusion that war is bad for your waistline. Many respondents admitted that their chocolate and carb consumption had gone up, as had their weight, while others said they were eating less as a result of the tension. Not eating because of stress is something I just can’t relate to; I don’t understand it and it confuses me. To be clear though, I am in awe and unabashedly jealous of people who can pull that one off. The common denominator everyone could agree on though was that war is stressful. It doesn’t matter if you have a child in the army or know of someone else’s on the front lines, whether Hamas is shooting at you non- stop, or every now and then. Knowing people want you dead? Not terribly calming.

It’s hard enough to watch your weight when things are relaxed. It’s that much harder I find, when consumed by social media, news, and the insanity of folks who still think the good guys are the bad guys. I feel The Grip of all of these things on my brain, in my nervous system, and struggle with things like,

How can I work out when 3 more soldiers have been killed? How irreverent does that make me?

The reports say that the soldier may still be alive. I should wait to see what the updates are.

Oh man, my “red alert” app is going off like gangbusters. I want to stand up and do something else, but they just don’t stop!

Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW how ridiculous this sounds. But I also know that I share this obsession with others who like me, logically get that being glued to a computer isn’t going to help us win the war any faster. The longer I sit, the less energy I have. The less energy I have, the less desire to cut open a bag of lettuce instead of plowing through a box of cereal. War really is bad for the waistline but it also wreaks havoc on the mind and soul. And that coupled with a case of “I am now one with my chair,” makes for yet more stress, more anxiety, more poundage, and no clearer end to what’s going on.

The good news? We are in these battles together. The existential ones, the physical ones, and the ones involving foods that call our name. I look forward to the day when this war is over, when missiles are no longer aimed at us, when our enemies no longer force us to protect ourselves in ways we wouldn’t otherwise fathom. May we soon be able to refer to this time the way we lovingly refer to many of our holidays,

They tried to kill us, we won, LET’S EAT!


NOTE: Here’s the link to the page the original article was on –

Aug 2014

SeptiC (Politics)


Philip K. Dick on Israel


This is a letter Philip K. Dick wrote in response to Israel’s bombing of the Osirak reactor in Iraq in 1981. It’s worth reading these days because, as with his science fiction, PKD remains prophetic….

Philip K. Dick is, arguably, the science fiction author, and the mind behind such movies as Blade Runner, Minority Report, The Adjustment Bureau, and many others.

The letter is fascinating in many regards; for a start PKD’s approach is well thought out, in his first paragraph he outlines the logical problems inherent in Israel’s attack on Osirak. In the second, he discusses the state of mind that leads to such paranoia, and in the third, he warns Israel, and insinuates that they are possessed by the memory of a madman…

Read on –

(From ‘The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick 1980-82′)…

Dear Ron Hendren,

Regarding Israel’s pre-emptive air strike on the Iraqi nuclear power plant I see several objections to the P.M.’s position. Israel’s government should have been prepared to offer substantial proof that weapons were in fact going to be produced at the reactor site. This proof should have been presented at today’s news conference, since Israel would have anticipated long in advance the adverse world opinion. Does this mean that Israel has no substantial proof? The burden of proof is on Israel, not on Iraq; this is, Iraq does not have to prove that it was not going to produce weapons; Israel must prove that it was. Second: Israel’s P.M. has stated that if Iraq rebuils the power plant Israel will destroy it again, but the P.M. did not say “if it appears that the plant will be converted to weapons production”; does this mean that Israel regards any nuclear power plant in an Arab country a threat, even if international regulatory agencies monitor and inspect the plant regularly? Third: why was the air strike conducted one day before the six-month inspection was to take place? On the Monday following the air strike it would have been possible for the international regulatory agency to have ascertained if in fact there had been – or was planned – a diversion toward weapons production. Fourth: Israel’s P.M. pointed out that once the plant was hot were it to be bombed many thousands of Iraqi citizens would have died from the radioactive fall-out; in that case, by possessing a nuclear power plant, Iraq was making itself incredibly vulnerable to destruction from the air – titanic destruction; possession of the plant, then, would be a two-edged sword. It could possibly be diverted to weapons production but it de facto was a time bomb situated near Baghdad. The actual military advantage, it would seem, lay with Iraq’s enemy, Israel. How could Iraq possibly attack Israel under such circumstances?

The fallacy of the argument in favor of pre-emptive war is that it assumes knowledge of the motives and intentions of other countries. It was a primary contention of Nazi Germany that a ring of enemies surrounded it, justifying (at least in the eyes of the Germans) pre-emptive war. By this same argument, the U.S. should have attacked the Soviet Union before the U.S.S.R. developed the A-bomb and certainly before it had the H-bomb. And in fact this argument was advanced in the late Forties. I am a Quaker and I deplore military “solutions.” The premise here seems to be that Arabs are unstable people who cannot be trusted. They should not have nuclear power plants because they will sneakily find a way to divert plutonium to weapons production despite all efforts at oversight and regulation. Now, it is the opinion of U.S. intelligence that Israel possesses nuclear weapons, and would have used them in the last war had the war gone against them. (In fact the U.S. is said to maintain constant tracking of the deployment of Israel’s nuclear strike force by means of observation satellites.) What Sunday’s air strike really boils down to – and I think you pointed to this in your commentary today, but perhaps only by implication – is that the balance of power in the Middle East must be kept in Israel’s favor in terms of nuclear weapons, since Israel is one small country surrounded by many hostile Arab countries. But it is Israel’s tragedy if she alienates world opinion and finds herself standing alone; she will have engineered the very thing she fears and suspects: an implacable, hostile ring around her, much as Germany experienced after World War One. The problem with paranoia in individuals and in nations is that it brings about the exact conditions that it suspects; paranoia is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Israel must not taunt the world with the fact that she is militarily capable of destroying any and all nations who might attack her because there is always the chance that this boast will be tested precisely because it is made.

Israel’s best chance for survival lie in the goodwill of the international community, not on sophisticated American weapons, plus Israel’s own nuclear capability. Military power is not, in the final analysis, the answer to Israel’s problems any more than it is the answer to ours or the Soviet Union’s. International cooperation is the answer in this global village we inhabit. Israel expresses a reactionary stance that would, perhaps, have made sense three thousand years ago. Those days are gone. Unless Israel can accept the existence of the Arab people as her neighbors she will by fighting pull her own self down, as many nations have done before her. There is a wonderful thrill in pre-emptive military strikes utilizing the most advanced weapons the world has to offer, and this thrill drove the Third Reich to horrible ruin, and, with her, much of the world. It was Hitler’s theory that the ultimate victory of fascism was that it would compel its enemies to imitate it, to become what it itself was. The ghost of that madman inhabits the taunts proffered the world by Israel’s P.M., and this is tragic indeed.


Philip K. Dick,

June 9, 1981

Jul 2014

SeptiC (Politics)


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